Togethernet is a small business chiefly serving those requiring web design in Teddington, Kingston and surrounding areas. Togethernet is now trading under the name Teddington Web.

Togethernet is run by Ken Richman. For a number of years Ken was a software engineer and freelance software consultant. Impressed by the power of Apple Mac computers for graphics, Ken decided to study Graphic Design and Copywriting at the School of Communication Arts in London and for several years worked at a number of London’s better-known advertising agencies. His work has been recognised with over 20 awards.

At the same time, Ken started to build websites. His first went live in 1998.

Ken now combines his technical abilities with strong design and marketing skills – exactly what’s required for web design and online marketing. He can also call upon a network of design and coding experts should the scope of the project require it.

Togethernet is based in Teddington, following a move from Wandsworth.