Not everyone considers which is the best browser to use for accessing the Internet. Many people just use the one that comes pre-installed on their PC or Mac. For instance, that’s usually Internet Explorer on a Windows PC or Safari on a Mac. But adding a browser only take a couple of minutes and is well worth considering. So which browser is best?

My personal preference is Firefox because there are some great add-ons for web developers. But Google Chrome is making inroads into the market having gained around 40% of the market share in just a short while. So they must be doing something right.

The one browser I tend to avoid is Internet Explorer because I find it has incompatibility issues. Some of the older versions are unusable, in my opinion. Microsoft don’t even bother to make a version that runs on a Mac.

Here are some recent stats that indicate the current trend to shift away from Internet Explorer. (stats from

Browser stats

Draw your own conclusions – all I know is that life for a web developer would be simpler without Internet Explorer in the mix.