Togethernet is now in the WordPress plugins business with the launch of ProductPrint Pro.

This really useful WooCommerce extension adds a print button to your WooCommerce store product pages, instantly turning product information into sales literature – with no extra work from you, the store owner.

  • Choose what you want printed – image galleries, reviews, variations, prices… it’s up to you.
  • Irrelevant information will not be printed, such as related products or sidebars – just the WooCommerce product information you select.
  • You can add your own headers and footers. It’s a great way to brand your products and add your contact details. Or why not, for example, add your terms of business, returns policy, or how about a requisition order, purchase order form, a guarantee or even a discount coupon?

Head on over to ProductPrint Pro’s very own website where you can try the ProductPrint Pro demo, see sample outputs and find out more.


Or just go and grab yourself a copy of ProductPrint Pro for £15.